Playa Turquesa


Best Location

Playa Turquesa is an innovative 180 hectares urban development project based in the exclusive Urubó area. Located in a consolidated area and only 6 km away from the Urubó bridge, being closer to the city, safer and with high-end neighboring projects, it ensures the owner a greater capital gain without risks.

The world’s second largest clear water lagoon

Playa Turquesa will have the world’s second largest clear water lagoon, with 13 hectares (130,000 square meters), equivalent to 5,200  25 square miles swimming pools or 25 soccer fields. This puts us at the forefront, right next to Dubai and Egypt, among Crystal Lagoons top projects worldwide.

Land in an environment filled with vegetation

Characteristic of an area full of sinuous hills and abundant vegetation, their land offer being steps away from the 13 hectare lagoon, on top of having 7 ovals or green areas –of between 1 and 2 hectares each- where you can enjoy multifunctional, tennis, racquet and soccer courts, mini golf, grills, club house, bike lanes, parks, and other amenities, on top of enjoying an unparalleled aquatic lifestyle.

Modern Apartmentss

The modern buildings in Playa Turquesa have been designed by renowned architects Guido Bravo and Alberto Menacho, to offer an innovative and modern top-notch concept to its owners, where all of its main amenities have a fascinating view to the world’s second largest clear water lagoon.