It is estimated that each day over one billion tons of water evaporates. Sustainability has always been a topic of paramount importance for Crystal Lagoons and, therefore, the multinational innovation company has developed a new film-based evaporation-control technology for its crystal-clear lagoons. The company’s cutting-edge technology lowers waste-water rates by almost 70%. This is how Crystal Lagoons will keep reducing the amount of water needed for its lagoons to operate.
Exclusively manufactured in Canada for Crystal Lagoons, the technology consists of adding a special additive to the water, spreading an invisible anti-evaporation layer on the surface of the lagoon. This additive can be used at different water temperatures and it can withstand wind and rain. It has been used in many crystal-clear lagoons throughout the world, lowering evaporation rates by between 30% and 70%, and 50% on average.
Although Crystal Lagoons around the world consume low amounts of water–half the water required by a park of the same size and up to 30 times less water than is required by a golf course–the use of film will lower it even further. What is more, these lagoons also collect rainwater and, therefore, in rainy areas the lagoons will require very little water for refilling, or even none at all. Crystal Lagoons’ additive has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as safe to add to drinking water, thus proving its safety and effectiveness for recreational purposes.
Today, Crystal Lagoons is focused on solving some of humankind’s greatest challenges, such as water and energy scarcity. The new evaporation-control technology represents another step forward in its mission, joining the list of innovations the company has already developed. One of these innovations includes revolutionary desalination technology that does not require extra energy, and which will help face fresh water scarcity, one of the greatest humanitarian issues that affects over a billion people worldwide.
Furthermore, Crystal Lagoons developed and patented technology for the sustainable industrial cooling of thermal power stations, data centers, concentrated solar energy plants, mining etc., using crystalline lagoons in a closed circuit. This system was applied for over a year at Endesa’s combined cycle thermoelectric plant “San Isidro II”, a project that confirmed all the mathematical modelling that this solution provides for a better and sustainable transfer of heat and cooling.
It is worth mentioning that Crystal Lagoons has obtained patents in the U.S. for many of its technologies through the Green Fast Track Program. The latter awards patents to technologies deemed to be of great ecological and environmental contribution to the world. Just one out of 1,500 applications are successful.